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AJP 128 | Allison Dowdy
— Cosmetics contains dangerous toxins

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Allison Dowdy is the founder of the Panamanian company Beauty Essence Organics. She makes around 200 cosmetic products based on knowledge both from modern cosmetology and native American medicine. She explains how the cosmetic industry uses around 24 000 chemicals. Approximately 2400 of them are tested by the EU or FDA in the USA. Of the tested chemicals, around half of them were found harmful to our bodies. Allison fears that the dangers of these products are far more severe than we understand at this point. In this episode, she talks about dangerous toxins used in hair products, deodorants, toothpaste, lotions, lipsticks and sunscreens. She gives us recipes for products we can replace it with. When she started her company, she discovered that the Panamanian law did not distinguish between cancer treatment, AIDS medicine and organic soaps. To get the permit to sell a “medical” product cost 250 000 USD, and the law required you to do this for every product. This meant that the native Americans in Panama had to go underground with their knowledge, and they could not afford to manufacture them for sale. Allison observes that many countries have similar laws to protect small groups of people or businesses. She did not accept it, and fought to change the law in Panama.

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Topics discussed (in chronological order):
mango seed oil (search)
wanabana plant (search)
  • soursop (search)
  • graviola (search)
cochineal (search)
formaldehyde (search)
paraben (search)
rosa mosqueta oil (search)
  • rosehip oil (search)
raspberry oil (search)
cucumber oil (search)
broccoli oil (search)
anti perspirant deodorant (search)
aluminum chloride (search)
under armpit glands (search)
pheromones (search)
fermented radish (search)
fermented coconut (search)
salt stick deodorant (search)
salt water disinfectant (search)
coconut oil bicarbonate of soda deodorant (search)
  • bicarbonate of soda (search)
  • bicarbonate alkaline (search)
  • citric acid (search)
phthalate (search)
aluminum alzheimer (search)
triclosan (search)
dioxane (search)
lead in lipstick (search)
International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (search)
  • INCI (search)
lavender oil (search)
distilling oils (search)
fragrance of oils (search)
essential oils (search)
aromatic oils (search)
toothpaste (search)
fluoride (search)
neem oil (search)
antihistamine (search)
peppermint (search)
eucalyptus (search)
PABA chemical (search)
  • 4-aminobenzoic acid (search)
sunscreen (search)
zinc oxide (search)
raspberry oil (search)
coconut oil (search)
cacao tanning (search)
jojoba oil (search)
propolis (search)
honey (search)
vitamin b3 (search)
ph skin care (search)
Dr Bronner soap (search)
cacao butter (search)
avocado oil (search)
olive oil (search)

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Recorded: 2024-01-25
Published: 2024-02-16

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