“Når alle tenker likt, er det ingen som tenker.” — Walter Lippmann ≔

When all think alike, then no one is thinking.” — Walter Lippmann


Norwegian Independent Podcast

Antijantepodden is a podcast produced by Frode, author of the book “Bill Goats and the Forest”, and Miriam. Miriam is the author of the book “Du skal lide for fellesskapet”, and the podcast was started to keep shining a light on the themes covered in her book.

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A large international study from 2011 shows that Norway is the world’s 6th most conform country in the world. This means that Norwegians are very identical to each other and that the “normal range” of behaviour is narrow. Although we have formal freedom of expression, the report “Status for freedom of expression in Norway” from 2014 shows that 9 out of 10 Norwegians do not dare to express what they mean on social media or on an open website. We have a “Law of Jante culture” where the group is right, and you, as an individual, must remain silent if you do not agree with what has been read out and agreed upon. In this podcast, Miriam and Frode talks to people who for various reasons fall outside the accepted “behaviour window” in Norway, and who have had to endure both incitement and bullying because they are different. We also interview foreign private individuals and professionals who can shed light on the same phenomena that we are exposed to in Norway.


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English episodes

An overview of all interviews we have done in English.

AJP 146 | Ben Massmann
— Found the perfect country to build his community

AJP 142 | Hrvoje Morić
— Multipolarity is bringing us closer to a one world government

AJP 135 | Terry Wolfe
— Authorities will disclose “special knowledge” about aliens

AJP 134 | Michael Nehls
— The lockdowns and the “vaccines” were targeted attacks on our brain

AJP 133 | Terry Wolfe
— People are herded into using drugs

AJP 131 | Terry Wolfe
— Cynical deception among truth seekers

AJP 129 | Tom Mackey
— Police investigator realised that the state was committing the biggest fraud

AJP 128 | Allison Dowdy
— Cosmetics contains dangerous toxins

AJP 127 | Aaron Smith
— Woke culture hijacks good virtues and turns things upside down

AJP 126 | Alison Forezli
— Fled Canada and found freedom in Mexico

AJP 118 | Leo Lyon Zagami
— Secret societies are very influential in Norway

AJP 116 | Meredith Miller
— The world is in a narcissistic abuse cycle

AJP 115 | PD Lawton
— Gaddafi was murdered for financial reasons

AJP 106 | David Thunder
— New law requires large platforms to censor within the EU

AJP 95 | G. Edward Griffin
— Our real enemy is collectivism (video)

AJP 95 | G. Edward Griffin
— Our real enemy is collectivism

AJP 92 | James Corbett
— We need to model disobedience (video)

AJP 92 | James Corbett
— We need to model disobedience

AJP 83 | Styrketrening
Mark McDonald — Anger is a healthy sign of boundaries being crossed

AJP 78 | Aseem Malhotra
— More than 1 in 1000 experience severe side-effects

AJP 72 | Etienne de la Boetie²
— Governments are illegitimate

AJP 69 | Mark McDonald
— People are stuck in irrational fear

AJP 68 | Richard Gage
— 3500 architects and engineers opposing 9/11 narrative

AJP 55 | Julie Ponesse
— Fired for refusing the COVID vaccine

AJP 54 | Grace Eboue
— Leaving Norway after 22 years

AJP 52 | Patrick Wood
— A new economic order is being enforced

AJP 47 | James Corbett
— COVID-19 is a step towards a prison state

AJP 43 | Mattias Desmet
— People are being hypnotised

AJP 40 | Alexander Tschugguel
— Austria needs help from the world community

AJP 39 | Mark McDonald
— Fear is being exploited

AJP 32 | Andy Smith
— Unvaccinated are being segregated

AJP 26 | John O´Looney
— Funeral director warns about his observations

AJP 7 | Iwona Woicka-Zulawska
the Polish Ambassador to Norway shares her experiences