“Når alle tenker likt, er det ingen som tenker.” — Walter Lippmann ≔
AJP 72 | Etienne de la Boetie²
— Governments are illegitimate

Researcher, Educator and Professional Speaker Etienne de la Boetie² has written the book «Government – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!». He is arguing that the governments are illegitimate, and that many of its acts are immoral according to The Natural Law. Etienne used to work on the Wall Street but pulled away when he understood the banking system more deeply. He has concluded that the banks and governments are robbing people of their money, and that we would have less inflation and more growth in a self-regulating system with no rulers. He believes strongly that any interaction between people should be of their own free will, and he therefore calls himself a voluntaryist. La Boetie² observes that the tyrannical behaviours of our governments the last three years have given wind in the sails to this movement. He tells about individuals, groups, villages, towns and even countries that break out of the system and thrive.

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Recorded: 2022-12-27
Published: 2023-01-04

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